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Fire Department Building Committee Minutes

Cabot Fire Department State / Fed Violation Report Of Current FD Facility Requested By Select Board Members


Regarding Hardwick Gazette article on 5/30/2019.

The Fire Dept Building Committee would like the Townspeople to know accurate and up-to-date information regarding the efforts to plan for a new Public Safety Building.

The article  "Fire Committee looks For Funding" on 5/30/2019, printed in the Hardwick Gazette is currently having details  corrected and we thank them for their time.

we wish the record to be set straight on the errors. 

The Dept website has a link to the full PDF file of the report and summary compiled of the current station walk through, as requested to be completed by the Select Board on March 7th.  The Committee welcomes questions, and participation in Building Committee meetings, as efforts for planning are on-going . Feel free to drop us a email at Click Here

Hard copies are also available for viewing at the Public Library, Town Clerks Office, Cabot Fire House and Cabot Post Office for your convenience

The Cabot Fire Dept & The  Fire Department Building committee
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