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Cabot Fire Department
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Once a dwelling lot or building lot has been assigned an address, the address should be permanently displayed PIOR TO START OF CONSTRUCTION / REMODELING in a conspectus place immediately above, or on the side of the main entrance of the building so that the number can easily be seen and read from the street. Residential numbers should not be less than four (4) inches in height, business numbers should not be less than eight inches in height. All numbers should be made of durable and clearly visible material which is green in color for background with white reflective numbers and letters. Whenever the building is more than fifty (50) feet from the street, the Owner should in addition place the number near the driveway entrance. on a mailbox or common entrance to the building so it can be easily discoverable from the street. Please In no case should the numbers be mounted on a tree. They fall over! Using 30 min now to install the number plates may save you the rest of your life!

Please find below what the emergency services of Cabot prefer to have installed with regards to the 911 number signs.

911 signs are available at the cost of $10 each from the

Cabot Fire Department.

This is not a fund raiser for us, but is our actual cost for the sign. We do this to help you get your 911 identification number properly displayed for us and other emergency services that are attempting to locate your address. Please take a moment and click on the link, fill out the form and email it back to us. We will make your sign and contact you when its ready, sometimes the same day! Payment will be collected at the time the sign is delivered.

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