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For the Town/Village of Cabot.


Section 1:

Key box requirement. All properties within the Town and or Village of Cabot having an automatic Fire Alarm system or sprinkler system shall be equipped with an approved key box.. No properties with automatic fire alarm systems or sprinkler systems shall be exempt.


Section 2:

Key Box Type. The key box shall be UL type Manufactured by Knox and approved by the Cabot Fire Department. The Key box shall be located in an approved location on the building by the Cabot Fire Department.  Installation and cost of  key box plus shipping will be paid for by the owner of such properties. Keys must be supplied and maintain by owners of such properties.


Section 3:

Key Box Contents: The key box shall contain one or more of the following.

1.        Keys to locked points of egress, weather on the interior or exterior of the building.

2.        Keys to lock equipment rooms

3.        Keys to locked mechanical rooms

4.        Keys to locked electrical rooms

5.        Keys to locked elevators/lift controls.

6.        Keys to other areas directed by the Chief of the Cabot Fire Department.

7.        Key to Main Fire Alarm Panel.


Section 4:

Time for Compliance: All existing buildings that fall under this category  shall be in compliance within six (6) months form date of acceptance,  All newly constructed buildings not yet occupied, or buildings under construction shall comply immediately.


Section 5:

Penalties:  Any building owner violating this ordinance after Town/village notice shall be subject to fine of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per every 30 days payable to the Town/Village of Cabot.


Section 6:

Repealer.  All ordinances or parts of ordinance inconsistent are hereby repealed.


Section 7:

Effective date.  This ordinance shall take effect after acceptance by the Town of Cabot Select board.








Walter Bothfeld


Cabot Fire Department.

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