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The new Cabot pumper Cab and Chassis at Pierce  manufacturing Florida plant, waiting for body to be installed. Final assembly to be completed the first week in December, 2011 Just in time for hands on training during inspection visit.

Jason R. Henske

Sales Representative

Minuteman Fire and Rescue Apparatus



Thank you for all your assistance.

Your knowledge  allowed us to reach this goal for a piece of equipment that will last 20 Plus years of service! You are an asset to Pierce!

The Chief

How we got to this point so far.... Click here


The Selectboard has authorized funds for two Fire Department members to go to Pierce manufacturing plant for an inspection / training class on the new pumper in December. The Town was fortunate to have additional Cabot Fire Department members sponsor themselves to also attend the inspection / training class at no additional cost to the taxpayers.  This will allow first hand knowledge from the engineers and builders themselves of each piece of the equipment. ill-replaceable training..

The people of Cabot are fortunate for the dedication (life, time or money) that the members of the Department have in protecting our friends and neighbors.

It is with your help that we have the best equipment possible to perform our job .

Photo by Chip Taylor

Photo by Jason Henske

Update on Florida inspection trip!

Click Here!

New Pumper in Service! click here

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