Official Cabot Fire Department web page

This page is Dedicated to our Members of

Cabot Fire Department

who has answered there final alarm

Henry Bashaw

Albert Ackerman

Neal White

Doug Gamble

Carlton Domey

Today we stand in memory of the departed brothers and sisters who have responded to their

“last alarm.”

Throughout most of history, the lives of firefighters have been closely associated

with the ringing of a bell.


As they began their hours of duty, it was the bell that started if off.

Through the day and night, each alarm was sounded by a bell; the bell called them to fight fire and place their lives in harms way for the good of their fellow man.


And when the fire was out, and the alarm had come to an end,

the bell rang three times to signal the end.


And now our brothers and sisters

have completed their tasks......

their duties well done.


Lyle Nunn

Warren Barnett Jr.

Larry Thompson

Charles St John

Daniel Cookson

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