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The Time Line

In March of 2010 a Truck Committee was formed with 6 Fire Department members (4 of them were in the Chief Ranks)


The Department started meeting every Monday night to review every reasonable option keeping goals like  "safety of the Fire Fighters, safety of the community, Past, present and for the next 20 foreseeable years the Town of Cabot Fire Loads and type of  calls we respond to, Cost effectiveness options, flexibility of the apparatus  layout,  and the potentials of  future members an option to "refurbish" this truck because of the material its constructed with eventually in 20 years saving the Towns people money in the future..


In April a list of past issues were formed and current Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes were reviewed. A list of 10 venders was generated. All based on experience building fire trucks.


In May of 2010 we contacted each vender and gave them a detail list of what the Cabot Fire Departments needs are.


June - August  long and detail conversations, emails , letters were drafted and responses  from each vender were carefully  reviewed.


September  the list was shorten down from 10 to 5 venders and interviews were set up for each independent vender to be held. We visited other fire departments to see apparatuses that were built by manufactures and how well the were holding up after being placed into service as well as attending shows were multiple trucks were on display.


October and November. After the pulmonary interviews the list shorten again from 5 to 2.and the final 2 were interviewed a second time. covering in detail items such as warranty, NFPA codes, having  a Demo come to Cabot to see there work and type of construction quality that was performed. just to name a few


In December with a total of  984 man hrs consisting of:

630 man hrs worth of meetings

250 man hrs worth of proposals reviews,

61 man hrs worth of visiting departments / shows,

146 communications in email

43 man hrs worth of computer comparison charts

52 telephone calls made / received from venders


 Minuteman Fire and Rescue Apparatus with the truck manufacture of "PIERCE" was selected.


Over the next 10 months the committee is preparing to spend an additional 1000 + man hrs to oversee this complex purchase for The Town.

We ask for your help, you may need ours later.

Total amount of Volunteer man Hrs to date on this project:

               1775.3 hrs             1/19/12

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