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                   In early December members of the Cabot FD  went to the Pierce Manufacturing plant in Bradenton, Florida to do a final inspection of Cabot’s new pumper.  This is always a wise move, particularly when you are about to take delivery of an apparatus costing $350,000 with an expected lifetime of well over 20 years. And in this case it was certainly worth the time and money, as a number of issues and potential problems were found. Nothing major, and all were easily fixed, but these were the kind of things you really want corrected before delivery and not after.

The inspection team, keeping safety in mind, after using parts of the equipment  and reviewing the layout made small changes like adding extra grab bars, or raising up low hanging underbody drains to prevent damage during the winter from snow banks in driveways. All these items can be adjusted at the factory at little or no cost rather than after delivery in the field.


                   No doubt some in Cabot were expecting the inspection team to return with nice Florida tans. But this was strictly a working trip and the team spent every minute when not in an airport or the hotel inside the factory going over the new pumper from one end to the other. Every items was reviewed by us for defects, proper operation, and safety. Additional training was provided by Pierce on site with the equipment installers and having the option of talking directly to the engineers and builders was worth every penny. The unit was test driven before the team departed back to Vermont.


                   Following the inspection team’s return, Pierce made the requested corrections, changes and additions prior to the truck delivery from Florida to Massachusetts (by Pierce) for the lettering and pre-delivery testing and certification.

Delivery to Cabot is expected in late January.



Taken during field trial of the inspection of Cabot's new pumper

Photo by Chip Taylor

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